Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A New Chapter

Much has happened since I last updated this blog. I've left jobs, acquired new pets, learnt new skills, acquired new hobbies, and realized just how difficult it is for me to maintain constant blog updates in a world where I have many distractions.

Today is July 23, 2015, and I endeavor to remember that this blog exists and to update it regularly.

So an update in list format:
  1. I am a hooker no more. Or, at least, not only a hooker. I am now also a knitter and a spinner. The crochet hook is an insidious gateway drug to the rest of the fiber world. My stash overfloweth to include not just yarn now, but spinning fiber. And to my consternation, is not shrinking because spinning results in the creation of new yarn and does not actually decrease the stash.
  2. My household has increased by a net of two cats. Zephyr passed shortly after my last post, and I adopted two brothers from the same litter soon after, and then a year later, another cat. Samm the bun is still kicking, albeit a tad slower than in her younger days. I enjoy my little menagerie, though wish Ginger (one of the brothers) is a little less of an asshole at times (all the time).
  3. My bookshelf is as full as ever, despite my efforts to keep it manageable. As I try to crochet/knit/spin from stash, I suppose I should try reading from stash too. (Yeah, I'm laughing at myself too.)
  4. New hobby! I've rediscovered my love of tabletop gaming and hope to have some game reviews in addition to book reviews and my random musings on cats, yarn, and life in general.
Until next time, I remain your friendly neighborhood reader, dreamer, and creator.

Image by Alex Colmedo

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