Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stray No More

Remember Zephyr? The cat I adopted back in December of 2010? Well, this is the saga of his diet.

When I first got him, my cat was on dry food, with a 3 oz can of wet food once or twice a week for a treat. Then he got horrible hacking attacks that Mr. Google suggested may be due to not enough water in his system, so I switched to wed food once a day with dry food to graze one as he liked. The hacking went away. But kitty starting getting tubby around the middle. I was buying a brand Petco had in their "quality" aisle, NutraMax, that the cat loved but turned out to have high liver content and other things that were just full of fat and calories. I started buying my food from an all-natural pet supply store - it's pricier but his weight has evened out.

It was a battle though to figure out which brands and which flavors he would eat. I bought a can of practically everything. He turned his nose up at Wellness, refused to eat this very expensive imported from New Zealand brand that I would have served to humans happily (venison with apples!!!), and won't eat the food that has gelatinous goop in it (aspic, apparently). So I finally narrowed it down to BFF brand, but only the flavors in gravy.

Now, the next battle is trying to switch his dry food to a healthier brand. He started on Purina Pro because that was what they were feeding him at the shelter, and then he moved to the Purina Balance, and now he's on Nutro Natural Choice. Every time I try to change to something that is healthier with less junk, he goes on a hunger strike. Drives me up the wall. The pet store keeps giving me free samples of different brands, none of which he's liked.

I remind me that he used to be a stray and was happy to get any food. He ignores me.

But, he's getting along with my house bunny, Samm. Thankfully, she is not a picky eater.

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