Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yarn Diet

I am making a vow: no new yarn purchases until:
  • I have finished more projects
  • Used up more yarn
  • Used up all the acrylic I have lying around from forever ago
  • The yarn will once again fit into the designated bins and not in bags and boxes around my bedroom and closet.

I got a very full box from WEBS today that I had ordered at the end of last week, which had culminated in Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. That will be my LAST yarn purchase for a while. I'm going cold sheep.

I've unsubscribed from all yarn store newsletters. I will not go to WEBS, Knitpicks, Yarnia, etc. I will not purchase more yarn from my LYS.

  • I will continue going to my LYS for open stitch time as I get a tremendous amount of crocheting done during those hours.
  • I will shop my (very long) ravelry queue to remind myself of all the wonderful projects that I already have yarn stashed away for.
  • I will use up the miles of acrylic yarn I had bought on sale, cheap, before I discovered how much I loved luxury fibers. I'm too cheap to just give it away so it must be used.
  • I will take breaks from crocheting, because I've already had one RSI flare-up this month.

I'm making this public in the hopes it will keep my honest.

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