Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sock Yarn Addiction

I have been going through my yarn stash and I came to a realization: I have a sock yarn problem. I love fingering-weight yarn. I'm immediately drawn to it. I love the feel of it as I work it up, I love the colors, I love how soft and pettable it is. And I love love love the yardage of it. Sock yarn guarantees you the most yardage for your dollar. This does leave me in a bit of a conundrum: I have stashed more sock yarn than I make socks. Before this week, I have made a total of 1.75 pairs of socks (the .75 keeps staring at me, telling me that I should just man up and finish the cuff and heel). When I look for new patterns to work on, I want garments. Shirts, dresses, skirts. These require significant yarn and time investment, and I am afflicted with project-ADD. I have partially completed projects scattered throughout my condo.

But aside from that, I still have mountains of sock yarn, waiting to be turned into socks. Yes, I know I can make other things out of them, but I don't wear shawls, and I have the hat and gloves that I like. But socks... I adore socks. I love knee-high, brightly patterned socks. They keep me warm all winter. I love the whimsical nature of having a spot of color poke out beneath black suit pants, or to complement a shirt paired with jeans. I love the seductiveness of fishnet stockings, and the feel of bamboo or merino against my feet.

In short: I love socks.

So, this winter, I will make socks. I will make socks from already existing patterns. I will design socks based on stitches I like. I will freeform socks for the hell of it. Because I have 20 types of fingering weight yarn stashed that were bought specifically for socks, so socks they shall be.

Once I make a dent in those, then I'll return to the tunic dress that is currently sitting beside my desk chair.

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  1. I understand, oh how I understand! I too have partially completed projects scattered throughout my home. Once I conqure the project the challenge is gone and I'm on to the next idea thats brewing. The previous projects gets finished after my DH makes me promise I won't start a new one until I finish at least one. He draws the line at 3-4 unfinished projects. This is good- it keeps me focused and by that time I've figured out how I want to finish that idea. Everytime we go to a store and I am DRAWN to the yarns and my husband is quick to remind me I already have a growing collection (smile) as I pick a few more mosaic or solid beauties. But I agree, there's nothing like the feel of good yarns against your feet. You can never have too many socks - these are projects I actually finish without being prompted. My latest unfinished is a Tunisian stitch wall hanging using crossstitch graphs to create the scene my whims take me to. (Big Smile) Have fun, enjoy life wearing colorful, soft & comfy homemade socks, I know I do!